Hallowe’en is upon us and there are lots of exciting and spooky things happening in dark and shadowy castles across the land.

If you live in Scotland, click on the Visit Scotland website to see a full listing of all the ghost trails, pumpkin festivals and other Halloween events planned across the land.

If you live in England, there are all sorts of ghoulish goings-on, thanks to English Heritage. This year Halloween falls in the school half-term holiday, so there are lots of activities organised for families. Brave the Tunnel of Terror at Dover Castle, or have a creepy family sleepover at Kenilworth Castle. Click on the English Heritage link above to see a full list of all the events with times and prices.

Maybe you’re planning a family Hallowe’en party of your own. Have you decided what kind of costume you will wear this year? Last year my son wore a giant banana costume, and this year he is going to wear a big, hairy wig and beard to be… a big, hairy bearded guy.

When I was growing up in Canada, the last day in October was usually freezing, and we used to go around the neighbourhood trick-or-treating in the snow! That meant our costumes had to be warm. Forget about being a ballerina or a fairy. You were much better going as a ghost, with a big sheet over you and lots of thick clothes underneath! Or a mummy wrapped in lots and lots of bandages!

Here are some Halloween goodies that I thought looked gruesome and tasty:

These are called Apple Bites, with teeth made of sliced almonds!

Don’t these Carrot Fingers look real? I’m sure they’d make me jump!

These are called Night of the Living Bread (as they’re made with pita pockets).

And I love this Hairy Daddy Longlegs!