Autumn has arrived and the new School Makar has penned her first poem for the Comely Park Newsletter. Naturally it has pride of place here, too! Olivia has taken each letter of the word Harvest to create an evocative piece that whets the appetite!

Harvest poem Olivia

It’s been a while since I last put up any of Olivia’s poems, and now I have a whole collection to share! She has been busy writing on a range of topics, including a very important one: how to stay safe online.

Think Smart - Olivia

Here’s a fun poem about going back to school, which must have been written just after the summer break:

Summer's Over - Olivia

The next one is an acrostic poem on the same subject. Nice to see it’s full of optimism and enthusiasm about school!

Back to School - Olivia

Finally, here is a fun poem about a haggis. It almost has me convinced…

Haggis - Olivia

I’m looking forward to adding more of Olivia’s School Makar poems very soon!