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I had a great time at the Edinburgh Book Festival this summer, reading Pink! to a big audience of pre-schoolers and their families with the help of three very talented singers. While I read the story, Sophie Williams, Hugh McKay and Anna Cooper entertained the audience with all the songs from Pink! the Musical.

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My three brilliant penguins all study at St Mary’s Music School in Edinburgh. Not only are they excellent singers, they also play instruments (Sophie plays violin and Hugh and Anna play cello). As you can see, they wore penguin hats for our show, and Hugh was dressed in pink as the central character in the story. They all did a fantastic job, so I want to say a big THANK YOU to Sophie, Hugh and Anna!

We had lots of fun singing all the Pink! songs, and at the end everyone in the audience joined in with the Fun to be a Penguin song!

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Pink! is the story of a little penguin called Patrick who is very upset when he wakes up one morning to find he has turned pink overnight. His friends all tease him and the doctor can’t fix him so he goes on a journey to see if he’s better off living with pink flamingos in Africa. As it turns out, penguins and flamingos couldn’t be more different, so he swims home again to a big welcome from all his friends and family. In the end, Patrick decides that being pink is okay after all.

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Recently Pink! has been republished by a small London publisher called Wacky Bee Books. They are a great group of people who have been really supportive of all my books. If you visit their website you will see an activity page dedicated to Pink! which includes video clips of the story and fun games and puzzles to download.

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After our show, Sophie, Anna, Hugh and I made our way to the signing tent, where I sat and signed books and the singers posed for photos with members of the audience. It was lovely to meet lots of children and ask them if they enjoyed singing the penguin song. They were pleased to discover both the book and the CD in the Children’s Bookshop at the festival! It was great to think that lots of children would be singing along with Patrick in the car on the way home!

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