After my event at the Edinburgh Book Festival in August, a group of children and their teacher came to speak to me. They were from Broughton Primary School in Edinburgh and they asked me to sign a copy of I Do Not Eat the Colour Green for the P2 class. One of the children had a little problem with the title of my book. His name was Cammy and he LOVED the colour green!

When the class got back to school, they decided to write a new story. They planned it out carefully, and did all the illustrations themselves. When it was ready, they made it into a specially bound book and sent it to me! Their book is called I Only Eat the Colour Green, and it is so brilliant I want to share it with you here:

Isn’t that an amazing story? Cammy learns a good lesson about eating well, just like Marlene does in my story. As well as this brilliant book, the children sent me some lovely letters. I would like to say thank you to Lara, Douglas, Katie W, Katie T, Orlaith, Komal, Lewis, Maya and Katherine. A big thank you too to Miss Chalmers who helped the children with this fantastic project. I am so impressed!