In the summer my family and I often visit Kelburn Country Park near Largs. This weekend the weather was so beautiful that we decided it would be a great place to go. And to our surprise, there were hundreds of people there already because of a music festival they have every year, called the Kelburn Garden Party!

Kelburn Castle is a colourful place, just perfect for a music festival. A few years ago when it was being restored, the owners invited four Brazilian graffiti artists as well as some Scottish artists to decorate it with something really colourful and fun. Here is what they came up with:

The castle is on the top of a hill, with lovely forest all around and a river running through it. There are lots of paths for walking, a magical secret forest to explore, horses and ponies to ride, a cool fort to climb in for younger kids and an adventure playground for older kids. At one end of the river is a waterfall, and in the summer the water is shallow enough to play in the river.

When we arrived, we saw a big stage covered with enormous flowers where a band was playing. Lots of people were sitting in the sunshine enjoying the music. There were amazing decorations everywhere, like giant butterflies hanging in the trees and colourful balls near the pond.

We had a fantastic day at Kelburn, and maybe next year we’ll try to get to the Garden Party on purpose!