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The other day I got a fantastic message from a lady who signed her letter, “Jacob O’Reilly’s Nana.” You can imagine how pleased I was to learn that there is a REAL Jacob O’Reilly out there who loves my book!

Thanks, Jacob O’Reilly’s Nana!

Jacob O’Reilly Wants a Pet is all about a little boy who is desperate for a pet of his own – just any pet at all. He asks his parents for one thing after another but they are not very keen on the idea. They think Jacob should try looking after animals before he gets his own pet. When he discovers what hard work it is, he might have second thoughts…

Here is Jacob with his giant list of possible pets. Some of his suggestions are pretty wacky! Would you like a dragon for a pet? Or an ant nest? Hmmm…

Jacob agrees to his parents’ idea of looking after other people’s pets, and puts a big sign outside his house: “Pet Sitter Jake at your service.” Soon his house is swamped with dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, sheep, a horse, a zebra and a rather big snake called Morris! He has a tough time feeding, cleaning and exercising them all, and after two weeks he is very glad when the owners all come back to collect them.

I love the illustrations by Lee Wildish which are so colourful and fun! He’s come up with all sorts of great pets for the endpapers, too. Here you can see a turtle, a little yellow dog, some dancing frogs, a rabbit, and my personal favourite, a mouse in a cheesy racing car!

I thought the real Jacob O’Reilly (and my other readers) might like to try some of the fun activities I have put together to go with this book. If you click on the images below you should be able to print them out at home.

© Lynne Rickards 2010

© Lynne Rickards 2010

© Lynne Rickards 2010

I think the real Jacob O’Reilly may need a bit of help from his Nana to do some of these activities, since he is not quite three. Maybe his big brother Sammy can help too. Have fun!

A special Christmas greeting from my daughter Anna!

Holiday time is upon us! No doubt you will be busy with friends and family, playing with new toys and enjoying a few more hours of sleep in the morning. (That’s my favourite bit, even more than all the wonderful food at holiday time – it’s the extra sleep I enjoy!)

If you ever get tired of toys and are looking for a challenge over the holidays, you might like to try a fun word search or drawing project. If so, I have just the thing! For each of my big picture books I have a collection of activities for kids to do on their own. It helps to have read the books, but you can probably have lots of fun with these even if you haven’t.

The first book is Pink! This is the story of a little penguin called Patrick who turns pink overnight and doesn’t know what to do! He swims all the way to Africa to try and live with pink flamingos, but that doesn’t work very well. In the end he discovers that penguins belong at the south pole. Even pink penguins!

If you click on the Wacky Bee Books pink activity page, you can print out different pages and have fun finding words from the story or drawing your own colourful birds.

See if you can find some words from the story.

Here is a fun drawing project for you to try.

The next book is called Jacob O’Reilly Wants a Pet. It tells the story of a boy who would love a pet – any pet – but his parents are not so sure it’s a good idea. They suggest that he might try looking after other people’s pets first, just to see if he is cut out for pet ownership. He soon has a whole menagerie to look after, and it’s a lot of hard work! At the end of the story all the animals go home and Jacob finds a pet that is perfect for him.

Can you find the animal words in this jumble?

You can colour these pets and then draw your own!

The third book is called I Do Not Eat the Colour Green. Its main character is a little girl called Marlene who is a very fussy eater. She refuses to try anything green, including green jellybeans, even though her brother is quite happy eating broccoli, beans and all sorts of healthy green things. One day she is visiting a very important person and is presented with a bunch of grapes! What will she do?

See how many fruits and vegetables you can find.

Can you answer these questions about Marlene McKean?

I hope you have fun with these activities. Do share your pictures with me if you can – I would love to see them! Maybe over the holidays I will work on some new word searches and drawing activities for my new book, Lewis Clowns Around. Let me know what kind of puzzles and games you would like to see here.