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It hasn’t felt much like summer with all the rain we’ve been having in the UK lately. As June ticks away, the sun has finally come out where I live, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that this year’s Sports Day will dawn bright and warm.

I have noticed on my website that lots of people are looking for Sports Day poems. It seems to be a favourite topic (or maybe one that teachers suggest) so I thought you might like to read my poem here, now that the sporting season is upon us.

When I was young I was not very good at racing, so I really dreaded Sports Day every summer. Some of my friends were excellent runners and jumpers, and they always ended the day festooned with First ribbons, while I had nothing. I secretly wished there could be an Art Day or a Story Day when I could win all the prizes!

In my poem I imagine what it’s like for both types of people, sporty and not so sporty. Which one are you?

Sports Day

Just four more days                    Four days to go!

so long to wait                             I count with dread

till egg-and-spoon                      each night

and ball-and-plate,                    as I get into bed.

till starting guns                         I’ve got to go,

and lightning starts                   there’s no way out,

and pumping legs                       find something else

and pounding hearts,                to think about

the thrilling chase                      before a nightmare

of every race,                                starts to hatch,

the cooling breeze                      with flying balls

upon my face,                              I cannot catch,

the final push                              and tripping shoes

so well rehearsed,                      with tangled laces,

the burning drive                        pointing fingers,

to come in first!                           laughing faces,

And there it is,                            hoops and beanbags

the finish line!                            zooming past,

I’m almost through –                always, always

the prize is mine!                        coming last.

To top it all,                                  No amount of

the races done,                             sporting fun

it’s time for ice cream,                will make this day

games and fun.                             a better one.

Another year                                 If only I

of work and play                          could sneak away

ends with a bang –                     and read a book –

I love Sports Day!                        I hate Sports Day!

Celebrating a winning race!

Spring is here and Sports Day is coming soon! It’s time to practise those races and get ready to cheer for your friends.

When I was little I was terrible at running, so I didn’t get too many ribbons on Sports Day. I just trotted along happily without worrying about coming first, while all the other children whizzed past me towards the finish line!

My son Cameron is a much better runner than I was. That picture at the top is from his very first Sports Day when he was five. He was going as fast as he could in the relay race!

When he wasn’t running, Cameron had lots of fun digging in the grass for worms. You can see he found a really big one that he was very pleased with! I think the worm was his favourite part of Sports Day that year.

Are you looking forward to Sports Day? I’ve written a poem on that very subject, which you can read on my website HERE. (Just scroll down to find it.)