I love being invited to book festivals. It’s so nice to be able to share my stories with lots of children! Recently I read Pink! and Green¬†and Jacob and Lewis to a big crowd of nursery children at Dunblane Library as part of the Off-the-Page Festival.

The library was lovely and bright with a big colourful rug and beanbag chairs for kids to sit on. There were even giant soft toy dogs and pandas for some lucky children to hug while they were listening to the stories!

This little girl was lucky enough to get a big dog to hug. She looks like she will never let him go! All the children were very well behaved and I think they enjoyed the stories. Everyone joined in with me when I read the lines, “I do not eat the colour green.”

One little boy must have been a bit hungry. He decided he wanted to EAT one of my books! Luckily he didn’t get it too soggy.