I have developed book bags for three of my picture books, which include lots of fun activities for kids like quizzes, word searches and unusual projects (Build Your Own Snail Hotel, for example). Now that I have a new book, Lewis Clowns Around, I decided it was high time I put together some fun stuff for Lewis too!

Lewis Clowns Around is a story about a misfit puffin who longs to be something else. He hates fish and is frightened of heights, so he decides to follow his dreams and become a circus clown. He works really hard, learning how to juggle and do flips and cartwheels, and then he gets his very own clown costume: stripy socks, enormous shoes, a pointy green hat and some red pompons down his front. His first performance is a big success, until the final trick when something goes wrong and he has to find the courage to save the day. In the end, Lewis the clown is a big hero!

I have decided to put all the Lewis goodies into a sturdy, A4 plastic box that can stand on a shelf. I call it the Puffin Pack. The first thing you find inside the box is a signed copy of Lewis Clowns Around. Next there’s a letter from Lewis in a shiny blue envelope. (If you look closely, you can see Lewis on the stamp, too!) Lewis is travelling with the circus, so he has borrowed some circus writing paper from the Ringmaster, Phineas Fox. As you can see here, the Puffin Pack also includes some Lewis bookmarks and a Picture Kelpies postcard.

The Puffin Pack has lots of information about seabirds and their habitat, including a detailed list of Fabulous Puffin Facts and four illustrated fact sheets for colouring. There is also a Quiz based on the book, and some great Activities for kids to do at home or in the classroom. The colouring sheets and activity pages are designed to be copied for everyone in the class. Draw your own Crazy Circus Characters, find all the words in the Seabird Word Search, write a letter back to Lewis, design a circus poster and learn some circus tricks in the playground!

Last but not least is an A4 size poster of Lewis you can put up on the wall. And all this costs only £20 plus postage!

This is the poster of Lewis the clown.

The Puffin Pack is ideal for primary teachers and after school clubs. For more information or to order your Puffin Pack, contact me here.