Today another wonderful package came in the post. Miss Chalmers, whose P2 class wrote and illustrated the amazing I Only Eat the Colour Green, has sent me another collection of excellent work from her class.

After I received their book, I felt I really ought to send a thank-you. I decided they might enjoy a Green Book Bag which has fruit-shaped sponges for painting, lots of classroom activities (like a word search and drawing ideas), a matching game and a letter from the Countess inviting them to tea!

Here is what came back to me in the post today:

Dear Lynne,

Thank you so much for the bag of activities you sent the class. It caused much excitement when it arrived in the class one lunch time. The children are delighted with seeing their book online and are convinced they are now famous. They have been reading their book to all the other classes around the school and have read it to the parents at an open morning. They are following the comments online closely too.

Thanks again,

Miss Chalmers

With Miss Chalmers’ letter came 26 thank-you cards with beautiful drawings on them, one from each child in the class! There were pictures of Cammy who only eats green things, Marlene who never eats green things, Miss Chalmers, and even a stripy snake! And two girls from the class (Alesha and Alisha) decided to put a pink penguin on their cards. They are all so amazing that I am going to show you every one:

I continue to be so impressed by the work this class produces! I hope you’ll add a comment to let them know what you think.