When I first wrote Pink! I got a letter from a lady who told me she took my book into her daughter’s classroom and read it to the children. Her daughter has special needs, and Pink! is all about being different, so it was a great way to talk to the other children about how we’re all different but we have lots in common too.

That lady, whose name was Beverley, gave me the idea that teachers could use Pink! in the classroom. I decided to put together a collection of books, toys and activities that teachers could use to get kids thinking about how it feels to be different. And that is how the pink bag was born!

When my next book came out, I decided to make a book bag for it too. It was called Jacob O’Reilly Wants a Pet, and for the blue bag I put in lots of fun activities (like a quiz, a word search and a drawing game) and instructions on making your own snail hotel! I even found the perfect soft toy snail to include. He looks just like the one in the book but he’s a lot less slimy!

My latest book,  I Do Not Eat the Colour Green, is about a very fussy eater called Marlene. Naturally, I chose bright green for this book bag. Inside I’ve put more fun activities like a matching game and a fruit-and-vegetable word search. It also comes with a big cookbook full of great recipes for kids. The green bag is all about how important it is to eat well and take care of yourself so you can grow up big and strong.

If you want to find out more about these three books and their colourful bags, just visit my website HERE. I think when my new puffin book Lewis Clowns Around comes out in September I’ll make a new bag full of information about seabirds and the circus!