My daughter Anna and I have published our first book together! I wrote the words and she has drawn all the pictures (very well, as you can see!) The book is a collection of poems for children, but it’s a special kind of book – one that doesn’t have any pages…

“A book with no pages?” I hear you ask. Well, as so many children know everything there is to know about computers, iPads, iPhones and so on, you will of course know all about ebooks. They are electronic books that can be downloaded and read on a screen.

Anna has a Kindle so she reads lots of books on that. Her brother has an iPad and I was pleased to see how good our book looks on his screen.

The poems in this collection include Groovy Goggles, about a girl who has trouble seeing things in class, Buster the Fly who really wishes he could be a more interesting bug, Gloria Boring who is a very difficult girl to entertain, and Invisible Pets, about a boy who can see all sorts of animals in his house that no one else can see.

There are lots more poems in the collection, so if you want to take a closer look, I’ll add some links here. If you live in the US you need to click HERE. If you live in the UK, click HERE. And if you live in Denmark, there’s a special link just for you HERE.