Today I had a lovely visit with the P3 classes at Glasgow Academy. We talked about poetry, pets and fussy eaters, and I read two stories to them: Jacob O’Reilly Wants a Pet and I Do Not Eat the Colour Green.

The children had spent some time looking at the other poems on my website, and told me they particularly liked Gloria Boring and Look, It’s Geraldine. One class had chosen Buster the Fly to post on their wall because they are studying mini-beasts at the moment. All the children in that class had written their own mini-beast poems. They were so good I wanted to share them with you here!

I have chosen rhyming couplets from the poems by Ruby (1-2), Zainab (3-4), Honey (5-6), Rosie (7-8) and Lucas (9-10) to make one big counting poem full of mini-beasts!

One Little Mini-beast

One little dragonfly having a bath

Two little dragonflies having a laugh

Three little butterflies flying up to heaven

Four little butterflies counting up to seven

Five little ladybirds dancing in a disco

Six little ladybirds going to San Francisco

Seven little woodlice on their way home

Eight little woodlice talking on the phone

Nine little spiders swimming in a lake

Ten little spiders riding on a snake.

I think you’ll agree that the children have done some wonderful rhyming in their poems!

I had a great time today, and the children had lots of interesting questions for me. Thanks to Mrs MacLeod who organised my visit, and to Miss Campbell for the photo she took for me to use. I’m sorry to have missed Mrs Berry who was unwell today, but the lovely Mrs Ferris was there in her place. Everyone made me feel very welcome, and I hope to visit again soon!