I am very lucky to live in Scotland where there are so many lovely places to visit. Recently my family and I took a ferry to Arran, a beautiful island off the west coast. Arran has everything you could wish for: mountains, lowlands, pretty little towns, beaches and even a castle!

To get to any of the Scottish islands you need to start with a ferry journey. These are huge boats that can take cars and coaches on their lower decks, while the passengers all sit up top. It’s quite a sight to see the front of the ferry open up like a giant mouth to swallow up all the cars! Luckily it seals up tight so no water can leak in when you’re sailing.

When you get to the other side you can hire bikes and ride all around the island. My children had a great time riding around in the sunshine, and where they were riding it wasn’t too hilly. Away from the towns there aren’t too many cars, so that makes riding a bike easier. On a few Scottish islands, cars aren’t allowed at all!

One of the best things about Arran is Brodick Castle. You can visit inside and see all sorts of beautiful rooms with paintings in big frames and very fancy furniture. And outside the castle is an amazing garden which seems to go on forever! One part of the garden is carefully designed and well tended, and another part is like a magical forest you can wander through.

My son loves rolling down hills, so he just loved the steep hill beside Brodick Castle! He also had a fun time on the beach nearby. There’s a great shop right next to the beach that sells toys and ice cream, so it’s very popular with children.

What more could you ask for?

If you want to know more about Arran, just click HERE.

Brodick Castle can be found on the back of some £20 notes in Scotland. Doesn’t it look nice in purple?