My daughter has a colourful collection of Converse shoes. She has red ones, green ones, black ones, turquoise ones and even purple tartan ones! It’s fun to collect things, and lots of people do. As you’ve already seen, I collect animal sculptures. I’ve shown you my horses, but I also like frogs and lizards, elephants and birds. Anna gave me a sparkly pink penguin for Mother’s Day last year!

You’ve also seen our troll collection, and we have gathered a huge number of soft toys over the years. My son used to collect Doctor Who figures (but now he’s far too grown up for all that!)

Some people collect very unusual things, like little packets of sugar, chocolate bar wrappers or metal street signs. If your friends and family know you collect something, they will usually give you one for special occasions. I have a friend who likes hippos but she has been given so many now that she doesn’t know what to do with them all!

It’s true that some collectors get a bit carried away. Soon their whole house is completely full of whatever they collect and they can barely sit down! After Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, I’m sure there will be lots of new collectors gathering royal souvenirs.

Do you have something special that you like to collect? Stamps and coins are good because they are small. Maybe you collect something quite unusual. Here are some collecting ideas:

1. Gather up as many different leaves as you can find, and press them in a book. When they are dry you can mount them all in a scrapbook and label each one with the name of the tree or shrub or plant it comes from.

2. Collect pebbles on a beach. I love looking at all the different colours they can be, with stripes and speckles (depending on what type of rock they are made of.) Have you noticed how much more beautiful pebbles are when they’re wet? I like to keep a pebble collection in a tall glass of water so I can see them at their best.

3. Go to the Smithsonian website to see what other kinds of collections you might have. You’ll find a great Idea Lab called Kids Collecting that will give you all sorts of ideas!