My friend Jane saw the wooden horses I posted here a few days ago and was reminded of her dad who used to make beautiful rocking horses for children. Here is a picture of the one he made for Jane. Her name is Melody and she stands proudly in the front hall.

Jane’s dad carved them from wood, sanded, painted and varnished them (either golden like Melody or dapple grey) and he used real horsehair for the mane and tail. He cut the leather saddle and used brass studs to hold it in place. You can see he chose to use straight runners with hinges (like my little unpainted horse). This was because he worried children might get their toes caught under big curved rockers.

If his customers had decided on a name for the rocking horse, Jane’s dad would get a little plaque engraved with the name and delivery date and attach it to the horse. He liked to deliver each one personally, and set it up in the house so he could be sure it was safe for the children and that it was going to a loving home.

Melody is very happy in her home, where every Christmas she is decorated with reindeer antlers and a toy Santa sitting proudly on her saddle. Presents are placed all around her so she feels prettier than a Christmas tree!

Thank you, Jane, for telling me all about your dad and his amazing rocking horses. He sounds like such a lovely man, and a very talented one too!