This is my desk, looking much tidier than it usually does. (I had to clear it a bit before taking the picture so you wouldn’t think I was a terrible slob!) In this cosy little corner I write all my stories and poems, send out lots of emails and update my blog.

If you look closely perhaps you can see Lewis the puffin and Patrick (or should I say Beniamino) the pink penguin riding on the rocking horses. Perhaps when I’m not looking they have rocking-horse races! I also have a colourful lizard from Australia who loves to lie in a sunny spot, and a wooden elephant on wheels from India.

In the very far right corner you will see something spotty with a paw resting on the telephone. That is the leopard hot-water-bottle which features in Jack’s Bed. It belonged to my son when he was very small, and it helped him stay in his own bed.

If you look on the wall behind the leopard, you’ll see my calendar. It is stuck at November because that was the page that had a picture from Pink! I have another calendar to tell me what day it is.

I write all my stories and poems on a computer. It’s much easier than using paper because I can go back and change lots of things without making a horrible scribbly mess. If I write something on paper, it is soon all full of crossing out and big arrows everywhere.

I hope you can imagine me sitting at my desk writing this blog. Let me know if you have any subject you would really like to hear about. When a little girl called Frances in America said she loved horses, I did a special blog entry just for her! I’d love to hear from you too! Just leave a comment on my blog, or go to my CONTACT page on my website and send me a message. I will try and write about the things you like!