Yesterday a package came in the post. Inside I found three copies of Pink! in Italian! This is the fourth language my book has been translated into, and until now, Patrick the pink penguin has always been called Patrick. I was very surprised to see that in Italian, Patrick is called

And he’s not the only one whose name is different. Doctor Black is called la dottoressa Nerina. (The word for black in Italian is nero, so a lady doctor is nerina.) And Patrick’s best friend Arthur is called Arturo. It’s fun to think of Patrick as Beniamino (which is like Benjamin in English.) I think it was a very good choice!

I love reading my books in other languages because it’s a great way to learn new words. Did you know that penguins in Italian are pinguini, and flamingos are fenicotteri? Don’t they sound like something delicious and cheesy smothered in tomato sauce?

My favourite line in the book is when Patrick shouts,

“But I’m a BOY! And BOYS CAN”T BE PINK!”

In Italian, Beniamino says,


Pink! has also been translated into French, Spanish and Catalan. Some of my other books can be found in Finnish, Hebrew, Korean and Mandarin Chinese. It’s wonderful to think that children around the world can read my stories even if they don’t speak a word of English.

How many languages can you speak? Maybe you have a class penpal in another country, or your parents speak a different language at home. I love learning languages because it means you can be friends with lots more people!