I love beautiful things made of wood, and I have a collection of carved animals. A friend of mine has asked for a post about horses, so I have chosen my three wooden horses to show you.

The first two are quite small. They are miniature rocking horses, and they both have real horsehair tails! The white horse has a painted saddle and bridle, and it rocks on curved wooden rockers.

The other horse is unpainted and has its hooves attached to straight slats which swing back and forth on metal hinges. Both of these rocking systems are used in full-sized rocking horses.

The third horse in my collection is much bigger, standing up to my knee in height. It is from India and is covered with decorative carvings of flowers and leaves. The wood it is carved from is very dark and heavy, so it is most likely to be mahogany. This is my favourite of all the animals I have collected. I like the way his tongue sticks out!