When I wrote Pink! my publishers chose Margaret Chamberlain to illustrate it. I wondered what her pictures might be like, and hoped she would make Patrick the penguin look the way I imagined him.

You can guess how pleased I was when I saw the first of Margaret’s drawings! Look how cute Patrick is with his friends Lulu and Arthur. Margaret did such a brilliant job with Pink! that it has been a very popular book.

Soon after it was published, Margaret and I were invited to do a Pink! event together at the Bath Festival of Children’s Literature. Although she had spent months working on the illustrations for my book, we lived at opposite ends of the country and had never spoken to each other. I was delighted to have a chance to meet this amazing illlustrator, and she turned out to be a lovely person. Now we are great friends!

Margaret has illustrated my latest book, I Do Not Eat the Colour Green. I love all the bright colours she uses, and the central character Marlene is just as I imagined her with wild red hair!

Margaret Chamberlain has illustrated many, many books using a wide range of styles. Have a look at her website HERE if you want to see more. I’m sure you’ll love them all as much as I do!