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The other day I received a lovely fan letter from a little girl in France.  It had a brilliant picture of Patrick the pink penguin looking very annoyed about being pink!  This is what she wrote:

Hello Lynne Rickards,

I like your story “A Pink Penguin!” I like it a lot, like the moon. It’s funny because the penguin is angry.


Here is a little message for her:

Bonjour Laurence!

Merci bien pour ton joli dessin. C’est expert, et le pingouin a vraiment l’air faché!  Ta lettre m’a fait beaucoup de plaisir.


I have always loved trolls!  I had a collection of them when I was little, and now my daughter has six of them, each with different coloured hair.  Their faces are so cute, and they look as though they could be quite naughty!

This is a letter G that I painted for a special exhibit at the Just Imagine Story Centre in Chelmsford.  They asked 26 authors and illustrators to decorate every letter of the alphabet!  I chose G because of my book, I Do Not Eat the Colour Green, and because I live in Glasgow which is known as the Dear Green Place.

I used acrylic paints, little paper daisies and real dyed wool for the hair!  I like the way the hair makes my troll look like he is popping his head out of the letter.

You may have seen Patrick the pink penguin in one of my books, but soon there will be a new bird on the block!  His name is Lewis and he is a puffin (so just as cute as a penguin, but a little bit smaller.)  Do you like this picture of Lewis?  It was painted by Gabby Grant who is a fantastic illustrator!

Puffins can be found on coasts and out at sea in the North Atlantic.  You can see them nesting on the cliffs of Scottish islands, along the east coast of Canada and around Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

My new book is all about a puffin who wishes he could be something else. He thinks up lots of jobs he could do, but then comes up with an idea his colourful beak and big floppy feet make him perfect for!  Can you guess what it is?

Here is a clue: Lewis Clowns Around