My daughter Anna is very good at drawing. She amazes me sometimes because she never starts with a pencil. She does these fantastic cartoons just using a fine black pen, and she never worries about making a mistake!

Whenever I put a new poem on my website, I ask Anna to do some pictures for me. One poem is about a girl called Gloria who is impossible to please. Her parents try EVERYTHING but she is just bored, bored, bored.

In the pictures you see here, Gloria is being offered all sorts of fun activities to choose from. Her parents take her scuba diving, but there she is sitting in the boat looking annoyed. At least her Mum and Dad seem to be enjoying themselves!

Do you ever write poems or stories and illustrate them? When I was younger I used to love drawing pictures to go with my stories. Now I just write the words and let illustrators do all the hard work!

If you would like to see more of Anna’s work, now that she is all grown up, click HERE.