Do you like snails?

Now that spring is here, you can probably find a few snails in your garden or the local park. Their shells are speckled or stripy, and every one is different. Their faces can be quite cute as they wave their little antennae all about! The only thing I don’t like about snails is their SLIME. My son likes to pick them up and hold them, but I would rather just look.

In my book, Jacob O’Reilly Wants a Pet, Jacob finds a little snail and decides to keep it. If you want to look after some snails for a while, you can make a snail hotel! All you need is a shoe box with a lid, some soil for the bottom of the box, a few interesting rocks and leaves for the snails to explore, and a jam jar lid to put water in.

Take a sharp pencil and poke some holes in the lid of the shoe box so the snails can breathe. (A grown-up might have to help you do this.) Put a layer of soil on the bottom of the box, then arrange the rocks to make a snail playground. Fill the jam jar lid with water and put it in one corner of the box. Your hotel is now ready for guests!

The Pets Book Bag has a big, cuddly snail that doesn’t get you covered in slime! It also includes a copy of my book, a Pet Quiz, Make Your Own Snail Hotel and lots of fun activities. You can visit my website for more details.