My friend Elizabeth lives in Arizona in the USA. She loves to go walking early in the morning with her greyhound Pede, and as she walks she collects metal pull-tabs that have been thrown away. Not only is she making the environment a cleaner place, but she is also recycling those pull-tabs in a very clever way!

When she gets home, she paints half of the pull-tabs with nail polish. Then she strings them together with some plain silver ones using sparkly elastic thread or pretty ribbons. When they’re finished, she has some beautiful jewellery to give her friends!

The bracelets you see here are being worn by my daughter Anna. Don’t they look glamorous? I wonder what other things could be recycled to make something pretty. I have seen some lovely bracelets made of buttons, and picture frames made with rolled magazine pages. See if you can think of a fun recycling project like Elizabeth’s. I’m sure your teacher will have some ideas…