Today I went walking in the sunshine and came across a very large and furry beast! Luckily there was a fence between us, but in fact it seemed quite gentle and not at all dangerous despite its HUGE horns. (I hope these cows are careful not to poke each other with those super sharp horns. That would hurt!)

If you’ve never seen such a thing before, this is a Highland cow. (If you speak Scots you might call it a kyloe.) They have such thick fur that they are perfectly happy in cold and windy weather. You see them often in the north and west of Scotland, and this particular cow was sitting happily looking out over Loch Lomond. Today was such a lovely day, it was probably feeling a little hot!

If I were a Highland cow, I think I would trim my fringe so I could see better. I’m sure they have eyes, but they’re quite hard to find! I like their very unusual colour. How many orange cows have you seen?